We promote Your web resources, goods and services. Our team has only cutting edge tools at its disposal, which assist us to carry out Your successful Internet promotion.  Our workshop provides the whole range of Internet marketing services, from research and web analytics to implementation of promotion campaigns.

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Analytics service includes traffic analysis and marketing research both before the launch of a project and audit, analysis of problems of live web resource.

Our experts will support the customer`s project throughout the entire period of cooperation, making adjustments to it at all stages of promotion process. All recommendations and analyst developments are aimed at achieving maximal efficiency from promotion of web resources, goods and services.


A set of works for website optimization is primarily aimed at increase of web resource visibility for various search engines. As a result, Your website will attract customers from search engines. We provide customer`s website promotion upon relevant requests at major search engines like Google and Yandex.


When we talk about the SEO, first of all we mean internal website optimization. All optimization activities should make your website friendly to search engines. At that, it is important for the website to stay user-friendly. Compliance with this balance is the core skill of any SEO expert.

In is important to note, that internal optimization is a complex activity that requires knowledge and efforts of many specialists Apart from SEO experts, internal website optimization requires involvement of web-analyst and copywriter as well.

Internal optimization of a web resource includes the following activities:

  • Traffic analysis, which is necessary to attract;
  • Semantic kernel creation;
  • Texts creation and optimization of the existing ones in accordance with the key requests, as well as allocation of keywords across the website;
  • Development and implementation of website navigation for search engines and users;
  • Technical processing of all website pages, namely correct filling of the meta-tags, concealing or opening of content for search engines, updating of pages` html-code, URL adjustment, optimization of media files (images, video, audio), access verification, etc;
  • Connection and creation of specific pages: robots.txt and sitemap.xml;
  • Connection and correct adjustment of search engines webmaster platforms of Google and Yandex (optional), including those for foreign segment (Bing, Yahoo, etc.);
  • Setting metrics and counters for traffic analysis;
  • A range of specific activities related to re-linking of pages, elimination of duplicates, or creation of two types of pages (in case a website is made on FLASH).

Internal website optimization is the minimal and sometimes the maximal scope of work that needs to be performed in order to attract the targeted users out of search engines.

It should be noted that without internal optimization all other activities, aimed at attracting the search engine traffic, turn out to be useless or ineffective. Sometimes for some niches it is enough to carry out correct internal website optimization in order to improve website positions in Google or Yandex search results and the result will not be long in coming.



External SEO or, in other words, external optimization usually includes activities related to allocation of web resource links and its information at other sites, as well as to add website to search engines, ratings and catalogs. However, over the past twenty years, this type of work is mainly confined to the website link-building, where website are allocated at topic-similar and resources of high quality.

In fact, this type of work is related to the placement of backlinks at various Internet resources, which lead to Your website.

We provide this service in the scope necessary for the promotion of a website upon the particular request.

Search engines are constantly struggling with the so-called SEO links and can even impose sanctions over a website. Therefore, we offer our clients the strategy of organic link building.

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Social networks are a great way to attract target users. We will help you to carry out campaigns in social networks, from creation of content and pages filling to organization and implementation of promotion campaigns in social networks. Apart from that we carry out the full range of SMO activities (website optimization for social networking).


Our team develops and implements efficient advertising campaigns on the Internet. Based on analysis and research, we build the precise strategies to attract clients for the customer. We use all kinds of advertising, selecting the most effective tools like contextual advertising, targeted advertising, teaser ads, etc.


Our another service is provision of search engine marketing reputation. SERM campaigns are a complex of activities upon creation of positive image. The results of such work are listing in the Top-20 positive materials about the customer`s company, product or service. SERM can also be used to build the reputation of a person like director, company’s top management or its employees.