outsource 1There are situations, when additional human resources are needed to carry out specific business activities. In such a case it is reasonable to use qualified staff of partners and not to select or train Your own staff.

In such situations, we offer our employees.If you have a project for which You need a specialist for, and it cannot be implemented due to overloading or lack of experience Your employees`, You can easily contact us and get the solution which will suit You best.

We can also organize training for employees and provide them with a workspace for Your project and Your specific requirements and needs.

At this, we take care of: 


outsource 2At nowadays economic conditions companies are striving to ensure high level of income and minimize costs while maintaining quality. The most effective ways to solve this problem are outstaffing and outsourcing.

Outsourcing is an effective business strategy that provides transfer of certain business processes of one company to another or attraction of external resources for specialized tasks solving.

Outstaffing means involvement of external experts with relevant knowledge, skills and experience for a specific project implementation. At this, employees are working on projects of the customer staying on the same workplace, and the provider company bears overall responsibility for taking employees on its staff, as well as for salaries, taxes and work with personnel.