Cloud Сall Сenter

We offer our customers a fully functional remote call center, which is easily adaptable to the requirements of business processes.

Functional of the service:

  • Any CRM integration;
  • High availability architecture;
  • Powerful IVR function;
  • Management of incoming calls and automation of outgoing calls;
  • Predictive dialing;
  • Counting the existing leads, their correctness, format and cost;
  • Personal service and maintenance.

Provision of SIP lines is included in total cost of the service.


We offer a full range of scalable cloud PBX services, allowing easy deployment of sophisticated voice infrastructure.

Typical PBX features include complex routing, IVR, call recording, statistical reports, monitoring of calls, conference calls and so on. Our system allows You to connect any operators to SIP without restrictions, as well as user-managed balance and outgoing traffic.

SIP lines and connecting lines are included in total cost of the service.


You can purchase local virtual number of any country. Through directly connected local number, you can receive incoming calls from any device or send them to the call center, in accordance with the established timetable. Automatic installation of the callback is also possible.



The main advantages of IP voice service are simplicity and possibility to reduce costs by 3-5 times compared to usual telephone systems.

You get the opportunity to make calls all over the world and the following benefits:

  • Per-second billing from the first second;
  • Absence of regular or single-time fee;
  • Absence of need for PBX equipment, as well as easy integration with regular PBX if required;
  • Fully controlled costs and high quality service;
  • Ability to connect multiple numbers from different countries to a single device;
  • Mobility. Calls are easily redirected from a phone to a mobile phone or client`s SIP on the laptop. You will always stay in touch anywhere in the world (if You have Internet connection);
  • Independence. You can change your local ISP with no loss of voice services. Absence of need for a regular voice line;
  • Security. Ability to receive confidential, secure voice calls over the encrypted voice channel;
  • Freedom. You can solely select alternative routing destinations for outgoing traffic.


We have experience in the implementation of integrated solutions and services for customers with special requirements. Any non-standard request will be provided with an effective solution.

Here are some examples:

  • Peer2peer private voice system based on SRTP, TLS SIP or OpenVPN.
  • Private data storage cloud with portable function keys and self-destruction option.


If You have your own array of clients or You are a corporate operator and want to optimize costs and increase revenue, You should definitely consider our affiliate program.

We offer our partners the following benefits:

  • Full connectivity to SIP service worldwide.
  • Cloud storage, call center, call recording, CRM, and dial-up services;
  • Support for the contractual relationship for Your customers;
  • Formation of accounts for your clients;
  • Billing for partner, automatic calculation of partner fees;
  • Deposit of funds through variety of payment methods.

Also we have a franchise program as well; it includes all the benefits of the affiliate programs, except for technical customer support.