Graphic Design is a complex of artistic activities aimed at creation of effective visual communications with consumers.

design 1The term “graphic design” sometimes includes its products as well. They are:




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Web site design is the first element the user sees  on the web resource. At this moment a visitor evaluates your company and compares it with competitors. Based on the website design, the user gets impression of the company level. Often, when potential client visit yours website, it is the first contact of a potential client with your organization. Graphic design is clearly positioning the firm and quality of website design allows to assess Your level of respect and attitude towards customers.

Therefore, exclusive website design is one of the good ways of client conciliation. After all, when looking for information the user will look through Your competitors` sites, design and positioning of which he/she will compare first of all.




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Corporate identity is a reflection of the company’s prestige, and its creation is a major step indevelopment and future perception of target customers. Thus, a brand book is a guide containing detail description of each element of the corporate identity. Its creation requires a high-quality plan, based on the activity of the company, its goals, methods and development plans.

Design of the corporate identity as an essential element of any enterprise, organization or company is a combination of design techniques, contributing to the growth in company`s popularity and its recognition  in the goods / services market.

Corporate identity influences the way how the company` is perceived in the market, namely its image. Corporate identity is necessary to apply while carrying out advertising  campaigns.

Effective advertising and trust of customers is possible only with high-quality corporate identity.

Formation of the company’s style is influenced by set of graphics solutions (design), which create a positive image of the company and strengthen its competitive advantages.

Key elements of corporate identity: